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30 November 2004

"One Big Crunch"  by Jason Erik Lundberg and Jamie Bishop
What happens when Fate's own scythe upsets the Balance?
"Render"  by Jonathan Keappock
The more human the creation, the less human its creator.
Mechanism: Chromosome 13 "Volume 11"  by Ty Gorton and Derek Mott
While facing Mr. Holt and a cache of Abhorrents, Darren comes to a decision that will
"The Surgery of Self"  by Mark Teppo and Neal Von Flue
Meet Harry Potemkin: licensed hypnotherapist and black market pharmacologist. When yo
"Dreamcatcher"  by Adam White and Alida Saxon
I once had a dream where I got on board a train just like we


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel by Susanna Clarke

Being an account of the lives of the two greatest English magicians of the modern age

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