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February 14, 2005

SYMBOLIC by Mark Teppo
SYMBOLIC "114: Action vs Reaction" by Mark Teppo
I've been working through my Tivo backlog the last few days, getting caught up on the few TV shows I've allotted myself this season. It comes down to Alias and 24 for my action fix. I gave up both last season -- just a little too much going on with the new baby and all -- but figured I could find time for both this year and, with a complete lack of knowledge about the e... read more »

February 11, 2005

SYMBOLIC by Mark Teppo
SYMBOLIC "113: Knot Chasing" by Mark Teppo
I'm having arguments with myself about narrative voice, internal discussions which, funnily enough, mirror the confusion of the text. Do I tell the BOOK OF LIES in the first person voice or third? First allows for a level of intimacy (at least for the main character) that permanently colors the work and, since I am skewing reality, this personalized approach allows me to accomplish some world vi... read more »

February 4, 2005

SYMBOLIC by Mark Teppo
SYMBOLIC "112: Brain Rubs Will Make You Uncurl" by Mark Teppo
Some days I wish I could open up a hatch on my head and scratch the surface of my brain with a fork in an effort to stimulate activity. It may, of course, be an issue of not enough sleep, but when one is awake, it would be nice if the brain actually fired up the creative engine. I had dreams last night of shopping for a new house which only reflects reality instead of re-imagining it. And the d... read more »

Past Transmissions

GOMI LAND by Richard Kadrey
GOMI LAND by Richard Kadrey
I'm calling this blog Gomi Land because "gomi" means "trash" and I believe in the power of trash to transform and enhance our lives.