It is absolutely essential that you review the Submission Guidelines as listed below before sending in your work. is always on the lookout for artists, musicians and writers, both new and established, to contribute to the site. All submissions and related inquiries should be directed to the appropriate Section Editor. Submissions that are sent to any other address will be ignored.

What kind of material we're looking for: is dedicated to art that exists outside the mainstream. This includes but is not limited to: anything that could be described as dark, provocative, or underground; from goth to industrial to horrific to retro to rockabilly to erotic.

Please note that is a non-profit organization and are not capable of giving monetary compensation for published work. Our service to you as an artist is one of promotion and networking. We want the world to get smaller. does not retain the rights of any contributed material, they rest solely on the author/artist. Contributors reserve the right to have their work reprinted elsewhere as well as the right to have their work revised or removed from for any reason.

Artists — what we're looking for:

We're looking for artists who have a unique, fresh style combined with both strong technical skills and vision to enrich the site in two different ways: as featured gallery artists and to provide accompanying illustrations for prose pieces. is looking for artists who use traditional media (pencil, inks, paints, etc.), digital media, and photographers. If interested, please send a brief introduction along with either a) a website URL where the editor can view your work, or b) 2-5 sample images (no more than 100k each) to

Musicians — what we're looking for:

The LISTEN section of wants music, sound sculptures, audio collages, ambient textures, public domain samples, etc. Please don't email audio files, but send 3-5 URLs to

Writers — what we're looking for: is interested in writers to provide prose pieces, both one-shots and continuing. Please send an email with an introduction and either a) a website URL where the editor can view your work/submission, or b) you can send it as an attachment (TXT, RTF, DOC) or pasted into the message body. Send your submissions to

for artists looking to have galleries hosted -
prose stories, illustrations, and book reviews -
we are not currently looking for TRANSMIT submissions.
music, other audio content and music reviews -
comics and comic reviews -

Submission Guidelines is not looking for works that are religious or political in nature.


  • Indicate what section of you are submitting in the SUBJECT of your email.
  • Give your full name, your email address, and your URL in the BODY of your email.
  • If you are submitting music, do give us a URL instead of attaching MP3s to your email.


  • Do not send more than three images of 100kbs each.
  • Don't bother us for an answer on your submission every day.
  • Don't just send us your story as an attachment. requires a concept proposal for approval prior to review of any manuscripts. Once we determine that your concept is appropriate for, your manuscript will be requested, reviewed, and replied to, with notes as necessary.

Failure to follow these rules could result in a delay of processing of your submission or simply deleting it. Honestly folks, we are busy — we get a lot of submissions — try to make it a little easier for us.

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