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13 June 2005

Daymares & Nightdreams "Luis Bunuel's Kitchen, Part III" by Jim Ordolis
The surreal descent continues as inspiration fertilizes...

14 March 2005

White Noise "Next Level" by Adam White and Matt Black and Eric Ipsen
How does an ADD poster child meet women when he can't even carry on a five minute con

21 February 2004

White Noise "Dr. Benway's Book of Medical Curiosities" by Adam White and Matt Black
Children, beware! Naughtiness does not pay! It's a medically proven fact! Allow us to

12 January 2005

Open Vein "Painkillers: Book One: Scene 6" by John C. Worsley
Conflict, conflict, bureaucracy of medication, daylight hallucinations. The afternoon


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