About OPi8.com


OPi8.com is a site focusing on the promotion of artists and writers whose work expresses the dark extremes of human nature.


Abandonment, death, desire, destruction, disgust, drugs, escapism, experimentation, greed, hallucinations, hatred, ignorance, illusions, isolation, jealousy, murder, nightmares, obsession, pain, perversion, pleasure, pride, provocation, reality, revelation, sex, slavery, violence.


OPi8.com was founded by photographer & illustrator, Chad Michael Ward thanks to a kick in the ass from one Warren Ellis. Chad wanted to take his experience as the Publisher and Webmaster of REACTOR Magazine and reappropriate it to a more personal, honed expression.

Thanks to Chad, the original launch of OPi8.com was a great success, not only for the writers and artists that were featured and promoted on the site, but for Chad himself. Chad's own artistic carreer took off with the publication of digital art portfolio, BLACK RUST, but by then OPi8.com had become too time consuming to pursue without sacrificing his own art. In November of 2003, Chad finally handed over the site to Travis Anderson, another individual with experience in publishing, editing and webmastering. July 2004 marked the relaunch of OPi8.com under his care and design.

Last Words

There is no golden rule which applies to everyone: every man must find out for himself in what particular fashion he can be saved.
Sigmund Freud