Latest Updates

08.OCT.2005 - VISION; 22.JUL.2005 - WORD; 13.JUN.2005 - SEQUENCE; 01.MAY.2005 - LISTEN; 14.FEB.2005 - TRANSMIT


I apologize for the long hiatus. I welcomed too very extreme new things into my life over the past few months, a new house, and a new baby. Here's to hoping things settle down again soon.

Meanwhile, welcome the art of Michelle X to VISION. A woman who takes a look at the world and sees something else entirely.



Jonathan Keappock and Jason Erik Lundberg have given us stories in WORD which are worth reading.

Keappock's story, "Render," is about realism and the pitfalls of choosing realistic over reality. Jonathan provided an illustration for the story as well.

Lundberg's story, "One Big Crunch," is illustrated by Jamie Bishop and tells the tale of a man who would be the Reaper.



Jim Ordolis takes us further into Luis Bunuel's Kitchen with his latest imaginary breakthrough to a world beyond contradiction.



Illustrator Molly Crabapple is welcomed with open arms into VISION today. Her Victorian plate-illustration style brings together sex, whimsy, and cynicism. Go get an eyeful here, then visit her site for some more.



While over at Ty Gorton and Derek Mott have released the long lost Mechanism: Chromosome 13 "Volume 0", here at we have the pleasure of hosting the continuing series.

Today, Mechanism: Chromosome 13 "Volume 11" has been published.

Read it.



LISTEN is alive. Our first musical artist is Jonathan Ray, who records as Skincage.

You have to take a sound and love it, know it inside and out in order to visualize its usefulness in the sonic symphony floating in your head. You have to be ready for the accidental coincidences that reveal the lattice underlying the world. Skincage seeks to bring about hypnogogic trance states in the listener where fear and doubt and the creeping mystery of the unknown darkness are all present.



After a crazy 4-day outage which signalled a wonderful April Fool's Day, we're alive and well, thanks to the beating heart of photographer, Vasily Konstantin.

Welcome to April.